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Deanna’s Gluten Free Bakery

Deanna’s Gluten Free Bakery

Deanna Smith, of Deanna’s Gluten Free Bakery, in sunny Escondido, CA entered into the world of gluten free baking in a rather unique way. When her young cousin, Karlie, was diagnosed with Celiac disease, her dietary choices suddenly became restrictive. Karlie refused to eat the gluten free varieties of bread available. In a loving gesture, Deanna began making homemade bread, without gluten for her young cousin, so she could have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like all the other kids. Karlie took her cousin’s special bread to preschool and immediately calls started flooding Deanna’s phone lines. Parents were desperate to get a hold of some of Deanna’s bread. Deanna wondered where all this demand stemmed from.

After a little research revealed that many of the gluten free products offered are imported internationally. By the time they reach the states they are no longer the fresh, tasty creations that originally exited the oven. Deanna decided that she would dedicate herself to creating fresh, local gluten free products for people to enjoy, and Deanna’s Gluten Free Bakery and product line was born.

Deanna, a skilled chef has accepted the challenge of modifying classic recipes into the gluten free varieties available at her store. When you enter this cozy bakery, you can’t help but be astounded by all the different products offered. Deanna has dedicated herself to creating delectable pastries, breads, buns, roll, croutons and nearly every bread product one could hope for. All of them are free of gluten and sure to please the palate. In addition to her own recipes, she has begun to also carry pastas, sauces, soups and cereals from other vendors, which are all free of gluten, transforming her humble bakery into a one stop shop for all your dietary needs.

While Gluten free has become synonymous with diet and weight loss in the media, there is so much more involved with this lifestyle choice. The majority of people who opt to live gluten free have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. This is a condition in which the small intestine is damaged by consumption of gluten products. This damage renders the small intestines incapable of properly absorbing food and the nutrients normally available. Some individuals are gluten sensitive, which means the suffer anything from cramps and indigestion to migraines, anxiety and even chronic depression.

Deanna Smith teaches a free class on what adopting a low or no Gluten lifestyle can mean to you and your health. If you are in the San Diego area or planning a trip soon, why not email her at info@gnibakery to find out when the next one will be held. You can also check out her website www.  to purchase products and learn more about her business.


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