Healthy Old Fatties: Healthy living for every size, age and walk of life
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Who Are These Fatties?

I’m old, I’m fat, but I’m keeping healthy! It’s hard to believe but not everyone who exercises and eats well winds up looking like they pranced off the cover of Victoria Secret. Vanity should not be the only thing fueling a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Old Fatties is the collaborative work of mother and daughter team Sharon (mother) and Sarah (daughter) Marcotte. This blog is all about connecting people who want to improve their quality of life by living healthy no matter what size, age or walk of life they come from.

We don’t want to slave away at the gym! We want to work our bodies and have fun!  Who wants to spend their golden years confined to an easy chair, dependent upon daytime T.V for their entertainment? If you want to stay active, GET ACTIVE NOW!

We have no intention of starving ourselves for the sake of a smaller pant size! Food was meant to be enjoyed. We want to make the most healthful, nutritious choices we can and enjoy the creativity of cooking! We’re always looking to share and discover recipes!